Donnerstag, 21. August 2014

Chiemsee Summer 2014 im Snapchatstyle

Yess.. I am back! After 6 Days Camping, Party and enjoying the festival! I just say! This Festival is one of the best I ever had! Nevermind that the weather was totally Sh.. My mood was still high every single day!! I didn't take much pictures because I wanted to see as much as possible through my eyes and experience everything with my whole attention. In the End the memories in your head are so much more important than the memories you get while taking a picture for afterwards, am I right? ;) So please excuse me for this short post.. or few pictures, but I still have to share some of my impressions :) So please enjoy! 

See u soon,

waiting in the rain to get my band 

new shoes ! - Lifesaver! but still dangerous, because I stucked several times in the slum :D

yes.. everything was dirty..

Camping? yep!

Sun is coming out!

Thees Uhlmann

rain + sun --> dancing in the rain under a rainbow while the sun is smiling at us :)

waiting in munich for 3 hours.. until the next train comes to drive me home..

beautiful sky!

I am totally loving Musicfestivals!

2014: awesome year! 

Montag, 4. August 2014


It's been a long time, I guess.. Sorry.. But here I am again. Back in Germany after sailing in holland for a week. Just say: I will definitely return to this beautiful country! Hope that you'll also enjoy these pictures ! 






Sailing Ship





Having a break .. wait until the water's gone to walk in the seeeaaaa :)

Evening - chilling

water - everywhere

about to stop at another haven